our precision + our technology = your custom built automation sytem with big ROI

Today's complex manufacturing challenges can require the use of many different systems.

Whether it's pneumatically or electro-mechanically driven or your goal is to capture data for analysis and control ABSOLUTE AUTOMATION can integrate your all of your systems.

Plastic Mold Inject Inspect

ABSOLUTE AUTOMATION uses state of the art technologoy to help you achieve ROI for years to come. Do you need to meet larger production goals? Do you require a more reliable process? Reduce potential operator error or fatigue?

Precision Motion Control

Camera Vision Systems

PLC's & HMI's

    • Servos motors
    • Stepper motors
    • Ball Screw
    • Rack & Pinion
    • Pick & Place
  • Part inspection & sorting
  • Precise dimensional measurement
  • Fill detection
    • Touch screen programming
    • Programmable logical control (PLC's)
    • Ladder logic
    • C programming

Packaging & Labeling



NEW_Table Assem
    • Bagging
    • Boxing
    • Shipping labels
    • Vacuum seal
    • 6 axis arm programming
    • machine tending
    • Automated assembly
    • Press fit