Automated Laser Marking, Aerospace Titanium Nuts

  • Laser marking
  • Bowl feeder for auto feeding nuts
  • 1.5 - 2 second cycle time
  • High speed camera vision system for determining part orientation
  • Serial & Ethernet communications to the camera and laser marking computer
  • Intuitive touchscreen (HMI) controls
  • Safety relay controlled door interlocks
  • Passed CFR-21 regulations for lasers
  • HEPA rated air filtration system

Camera Vision System, Counting, Bagging, Boxing, 200+ parts/minute

  • 4 - High Speed Keyence Camera Vision Systems for sorting good vs. bad parts
  • Dual lane 34" bowl feeder
  • High speed counters
  • Bagging & Boxing of good parts only
  • Safety relay controlled door interlocks
  • Conveyors, Hopper for parts accumulation

High-Speed Drilling of Aerospace Fasteners

  • Bowl fed parts
  • Super-Critical CO2 through the drill coolant
  • Pick and Place
  • Laser measurement sensors for positioning of parts